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Build, race, break and fix

Snoopy's Revenge Racing-Medicine Hat Speedway- July 3, 2021

Sometimes luck is not on your side and this was the case for the SRR Team at Medicine Hat! During practice Friday night the #15 truck had electrical issues with a fire due to a bad kill switch. Kyle (Sparky) with style jumped in, diagnosed, got replacement parts and fixed the truck before the first heat race on Saturday. All seemed good for the #19 truck on Friday, but Saturday during practice the clutch went, which resulted in missing the first two heat races. Not a good point situation for Brad. But, with the help of the #83 team lending a clutch replacement the pit crew pushed the truck up on the ramps in the weigh in area and started work. After 3.5 hours underneath the truck Brad, Jimmy and Tank (Jacob), with assistance from the rest of the pit crew, at 39 degrees out, had the clutch replaced just in time for the 100 lap heat race. Brad looked strong keeping up with the other contenders until he had a flat. Luckily there was no damage to #19 or others. The crew raced to get tires ready and get Brad out on the track again, but sadly after starting towards the pit exit the truck stalled and didn't start again. Luckily the #15 truck was able to finish. A very exciting day, but not very successful from a points perspective. But, as they say, "that's racing". Looking forward to dominating in Saskatoon with repairs done and some new boots, thanks to our sponsor Angela Ford McKinnon, Remax. Boogity, boogity...stay tuned!!!!

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